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Dear user,


These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are very important because they detail the contractual relationship between Wooeen and you in connection with your interaction with Wooeen’s services. Therefore, please read these Terms carefully and, if you have any questions, please contact Wooeen’s customer service at [email protected].

By clicking “agree” at the end of these Terms, both you and Wooeen agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions herein. If you do not agree with any of the provisions herein, you should not agree to these Terms and should not use Wooeen.


1. Presentation

2.1. Wooeen shares with you part of the commission that Wooeen receives from advertisers for your purchases and paid online actions.

2.2. Such actions may consist of games, clicks, views, app downloads, missions, tasks or challenges for example, all of which may be proposed to you by Wooeen. You and Wooeen therefore benefit from these online purchases and actions that you carry out. For example, when you access the Wooeen web browser and you make a purchase on an advertiser’s website with active Cashback, Wooeen receives a purchase commission and shares part of that commission with you in accordance with the procedure set forth in this Terms Statement.

2.3. Wooeen was developed and is maintained by Pinup Digital Ltda (“Pinup”), a private legal entity, registered in cnpj under nº 23.150.037/0001-00 with headquarters at Rua São João Evangelista, nº 421, Sala 01, Bairro São Pedro, Belo Horizonte, Brazil – MG, CEP 33.0330-152.


2 Services and the contractual relationship between Wooeen and the User

2.1. Wooeen offers all of its services free of charge, including the browser, Google Chrome browser extension and its Internet browser for accessing numerous websites (“Browser”). Your registration with Wooeen is voluntary without any obligation of consumption or use on your part. It also offers you the platform for the payment of commissions (“Cashback“) which are received by Wooeen for purchases or remunerated actions you make from a Wooeen advertiser with active Cashback on its website.

2.2. Wooeen does not sell any products or services, but only allows you to view and interact with the web pages you visit through the Wooeen Browser. For this reason, Wooeen is not responsible for any purchase or transaction made between you and an advertiser or third party.

2.3. By making a purchase from an advertiser or third party through the Navigator, you create a new and distinct contractual relationship, directly with the advertiser or third party, in which Wooeen is not involved and from which Wooeen is therefore exempt from any legal liability.

2.4. The responsibility for possible defects, as well as the information of the legal and economic conditions relating to the products and services (including price) is exclusive to the advertisers or third parties.

2.5. You should verify the advertising information contained on the advertisers’ website. If there are any discrepancies in pricing or other product or service information between the Navigator and the advertisers’ or third party’s website, the information on the advertisers’ or third party’s website shall prevail.


The Navigator

2.6. The Navigator can be used by downloading the Wooeen application available on the application download platforms (e.g. Apple Store, Play Store or our website www.

2.7. Wooeen grants you a license to use the Browser anywhere in the world, on a personal and non-transferable basis, which you may not extend or assign to any third party.

2.8. The Browser uses open source code provided by Brave Software Inc (“Brave”). Therefore, Brave’s license terms ( apply to your use of the Browser and supersede these Terms to the extent they conflict with these Terms.

2.9. Wooeen is not responsible for third party content, as it acts solely as a tool to access third party websites.



2.10. Cashback is Wooeen’s system that allows you to directly receive a portion of the commission generated by your purchases or paid actions you make on advertisers’ websites on Wooeen. 

2.11. This commission offered by Wooeen is not cumulative with other promotions, discounts, loyalty programs, special conditions or similar offered by advertisers or third parties. The use of any other of the above benefits will invalidate your Reimbursement.

2.12. To be eligible for Cashback, you must comply with the “Cashback Requirements” specified in these Terms.

2.13. Cashback works as follows: by using the Wooeen Browser and/or search engine, Wooeen agrees to split part of the commissions received from the purchase or paid actions performed by you that are Cashback generating when you comply with the Cashback Requirements and process set forth below.


3. Money back requirements

3.1. In order to acquire the right to the division of commissions promised by Wooeen, it is necessary to comply with the following process: 

(a) Download the Navigator through application platforms (e.g., Apple Store, Play Store or;

(b) Register and log in to your Cashback area;

(c) and using the browser with which you are logged in, you must:

(d) install the Wooeen home page to manage Cashback as the browser’s home page;

(e) Always use the Wooeen search engine.

(f) Access the Wooeen Advertisers website and make purchases on the advertiser’s website with the same email address registered in the Browser;

(g) Accumulate in your account the minimum balance required by Wooeen.

(h) Request Cashback collection from the home page of your Cashback Area 


Phases in the reimbursement of money

3.3. The “Approved Rebate” indicated in your Cashback login represents the amount initially approved by the advertiser and still pending payment of commissions. 

3.4. The “Refund available for collection” indicated in your login to your user area is the amount that is already available for collection.

Upon request, it will be transferred to your name through the options available in your country, provided that you meet the minimum amount requirement stipulated in clause 3.1 (g) of these Terms. 

Reimbursement available for collection may include reimbursement for purchases as described in clause 2.10 of these Terms, or for actions such as the total balance of referrals, invitations made to friends to use Wooeen in accordance with the rules described in the user area and other commissionable behaviors or actions.

3.5 The “Validation Balance”, which is a purely indicative amount and does not in itself represent any vested rights, will be displayed at the login to the user area. 


More information Details of the collection process:

3.6. In order to comply with the Cashback Requirement set forth in clause 3.2 (e) of these Terms, you must use the Browser, activate the Cashback module and access the advertiser through the Wooeen search engine. To do so, you will need to fill in all the required information. Do not worry, your personal information and data will be stored on Wooeen’s systems confidentially, securely and will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

3.7. The information provided in the registration must be accurate and truthful. You agree to update your registration data whenever there is any change in these data. Wooeen may use all legal means to confirm the accuracy of this data, but is not liable under any circumstances for any incorrect or false data provided by you. In other words, you guarantee and assume responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy and authenticity of all data provided by you. And if you become aware that a third party has accessed or accessed the Site or Service on your behalf and without your consent, you must report this fact as soon as possible to Wooeen at [email protected] .

3.8. At the end of the registration, you will obtain a user ID and at each connection the system will ask you for confirmation that you can verify by means of a code previously sent to your e-mail. Access is only possible if the code previously sent by the system is entered correctly AND/OR with your password and/or security token.

3.9. Wooeen confirms or cancels the Cashback for each purchase or paid share at the login of your user area within 90 (ninety) days after the date of purchase or paid share. 

Cashback can only be converted into Cashback Available for Collection, if the amounts of the prices of the purchases made and the commission paid by the advertiser to Wooeen are confirmed. Otherwise, the Cashback will be cancelled.

3.10. After 730 days (seven hundred and thirty) from the date each Cashback becomes Cashback Available for Collection without having claimed the Cashback within this period, your right to obtain the Cashback amount will expire and be extinguished, so that you will no longer be entitled to receive that Cashback. For example: If you obtain the Cashback balance of £10.00 (ten Euros) due to a purchase made on 01/01/2021 and this amount becomes Cashback Available for collection on 01/03/2022, you will have until 01/03/2024 to claim the Cashback. If you do not apply before 01/03/2023, the next day this Cashback will become zero and you will lose your right to this Cashback. 

3.11. The amount of Cashback available for collection will be visibly indicated in your user area. The user area is a website, accessible from any browser provided that you have the user login and password and/or security token if you have the latter activated.

3.12. The purchase will not be considered completed while the process of changes, cancellations or returns of the products or services are being carried out. 

3.13. If you believe that there has been an error in the processing of your purchase and/or with the respective Cashback, you may make a complaint directly to the advertiser and if you believe that the error or issue is in relation to the Cashback you may direct your complaint to Wooeen from the user area, providing the details of the purchase so that we can solve the problem.

Wooeen takes all diligence to ensure that the refund system described above works perfectly, but cannot guarantee and cannot be held responsible for possible delays in payments or non-payments by partner companies.

Wooeen can only confirm the reimbursement once the partner company has paid Wooeen. In this case Wooeen does guarantee that the revenue received from the companies for the various activities carried out by the user is passed on in the agreed proportion to the user.

3.14. Your user area can have different statuses, depending on your registration status and behavior:

  • Your account will be “active” when you log in to the user area and have your account approved. 
  • Your account will be “deactivated” if in connection with your account there is an ongoing a claim or fraudulent or bad faith conduct is detected which may result in an automatic suspension or cancellation of any refund.
  • Your account and your Cashback will be “suspended” when it is subject to analysis and investigation of any possible irregularity for fraud or misrepresentation.

Wooeen may deny access to the service, if there are doubts or suspicions regarding the veracity of the data provided or about the good faith in the way of proceeding or the use of several accounts by a single user is suspected.

Wooeen reserves the right to take any legal action for any infringement that users may commit.

3.15. Wooeen may exceptionally request additional information for the approval of the refund, in order to corroborate when necessary, the identity of the user.


3.16. The Cashback program is maintained for an indefinite period but may exceptionally be suspended or terminated at any time by Wooeen, without prior notice. In such case, users will have thirty (60) days from the date of cancellation of the program to request withdrawal of the Available Cashback provided that they have met all other requirements for withdrawal, including the minimum balance requirement set forth in the program.

3.17. After the expiration of such period, users may not acquire the right to a refund and Wooeen is released from the obligation to deliver any amount in the account of users whose refund has not been requested within such period. Wooeen will send all users a communication informing them of the situation by email and/or push notification on a daily basis.


4. Responsibility 

4.1. It is your responsibility to keep your system protected against viruses and other malware. Wooeen shall not be liable for damages caused by viruses and malware due to accessing, using or browsing advertisers’ or third parties’ websites, or as a result of the transfer of data, files, images, text or audio contained on such websites. It is your responsibility to verify that you are accessing your account from secure networks.

4.2. Wooeen is not responsible for any wrongful act or omission by a user who has taken advantage of the information, advertisements or other materials contained in the Browser.

4.3. Wooeen is diligent in keeping the Browser and the home page up to date at all times, but disclaims any liability for inaccurate, incorrect or fraudulent information contained in statements made or made by advertisers or third parties or inconsistent with this statement of terms. Therefore, it is always recommended that the user accesses directly the advertisers’ or third parties’ website to verify the necessary information about the products and services.

4.4. As a Browser that only displays third party websites and discloses advertisements and information about advertisers’ and third parties’ products or services, Wooeen is not responsible for any purchases made between you and advertisers or third parties. 

Likewise, Wooeen does not guarantee in any case, the quality or performance of the products or services purchased, and is exempt from any liability for claims or lawsuits filed by users or third parties based on the defects that may suffer from the products or services purchased even if in these or in their advertisers appear distinctive or a frame with the graphic elements of Wooeen’s website.

4.5. Wooeen disclaims all liability for the following facts and situations, which must be resolved directly with the advertisers: 

  1. a) Content and operation of the advertisers’ websites or stores; b) Negotiations and commercial transactions carried out between users and advertisers; c) Origin, quality, quantity and delivery of the products and services published by advertisers; and d) Tax obligations applicable to transactions between users and advertisers; e) Damages and losses that may arise therefrom.

Wooeen is not responsible for: a) the possible problems occurred in the transactions due to errors coming from the entity issuing the payment; b) the edition, revision, censorship and verification of the contents, files, information, publicity, opinions, concepts and images of the pages or Internet sites to which the user connects through hyperlinks included in Wooeen’s website or when they are issued, published or distributed directly or indirectly through this one. 

Likewise when none of it depends on Wooeen’s website, nor are they managed by Wooeen, nor when it derives from the misuse of the contents of Wooeen’s website, being the sole responsibility of the person who accesses or uses them.

4.6. Wooeen is also not responsible for the opinions and complaints issued by users about advertisers, their products or services, being the sole responsibility of those who issue them. 

As soon as Wooeen becomes aware that any of the contents, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images hosted on the website are contrary to the law, morality, good faith and public order or that they contain any type of computer virus or similar software, it will proceed to remove them.


The user undertakes to use the Wooeen website and its Services in accordance with the law, morality and generally accepted good customs.


5. Final Clauses 

5.1. This statement of terms constitutes a complete and governing legal document of the relationship between the user and Wooeen which may exceptionally be unilaterally and freely modified by Wooeen. In this case Wooeen will send a warning to the users who will then have thirty (30) days to accept the new terms. If, despite having been duly informed, they do not expressly pronounce themselves during this period, it will be understood that the user tacitly consents to the new Terms.

The new terms shall be valid as of the date on which they are posted in the Browser and Search Engine, and the user reserves the right to remain registered or request cancellation within the aforementioned 30-day period. 

5.2. Wooeen may, unilaterally and freely at any time, modify the browser and search engine settings, as well as delete or add any advertiser registered in its database.

5.3. All content (such as, for example, trademarks, templates, texts, computer programs, sounds, photographs and other materials available on Wooeen Browser and its home page), appearance, organization and structure of Wooeen are protected by Intellectual Property Law and are subject to Spanish and EU law.

The eventual infringement of rights or legal violations by unlawful acts or omissions will give rise to the corresponding compensation for damages to the injured parties, and if applicable, to the payment of legal costs by the infringer.

5.4. The user is prohibited from modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, performing, reproducing, publishing, making available, assigning or licensing or creating software, products or services based on or derived from the information contained or appearing on the Wooeen website or its browser, as well as transferring, assigning or selling or otherwise profiting from such information, software, products or services, being in all these cases subject to the imposition of penalties and/or sanctions provided by Spanish law and to the corresponding compensation for damages.


5.5. Wooeen’s services are only available to persons who have the full legal capacity to contract them. They cannot be purchased by persons who do not have this capacity unless they are duly assisted or represented by a guardian, in accordance with Spanish law.

5.6. Wooeen may offer benefits or commissions to users who, through a link provided in the user area, refer friends to use Wooeen. These benefits or commissions will be paid to the users in accordance with the promotion regulations described in the Cashback area, whereby it is a prerequisite that the new users have registered through the link sent to them by the former user and meet the requirements of the offer.

5.6.1. The regulation of the promotion of such benefits or commissions may provide for the sending of e-mails to the persons referred to in the preceding paragraph, in order to remind them to use and take advantage of Wooeen’s services.

5.7. The same person may not have more than one registration. If Wooeen detects this violation, Wooeen will permanently deactivate all registrations and accounts through the data verification system.

5.8. Wooeen may temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate a user’s account and deduct any amounts improperly obtained at any time, and may take appropriate legal action if: (1) the user fails to comply with any provision of these Terms of Use; (2) performs fraudulent, or obvious acts of bad faith to obtain an undue advantage or unjust enrichment; (3) performs acts for the purpose of misleading to obtain a manifestly illegal advantage or unjust enrichment; (4) the user’s identity or any information provided by the user cannot be verified; (5) any attitude of the user results in harm to third parties or to Wooeen itself; (6) the user discloses or publishes content contrary to law, public order and morality or offensive to any person or their rights; (7) the user adopts, within the framework of the relationship with Wooeen, as well as its representatives and employees, disrespectful, offensive, defamatory, obscene or unlawful conduct; and (8) practices SPAM or any kind of attitudes contrary to good Internet and social networking practices.

5.9. In the event of any discrepancy between the information contained in this agreement and that contained in other documents or websites, the terms of this statement of terms shall prevail. 

5.10. Finally, should it be necessary to resolve any doubt or dispute arising from this contract, the competent jurisdiction shall be the courts of Alicante (Spain) with waiver of all others.